Mar 19, 2012

Oh my - they finally have read my Abstract and CV, but calling me names about this seems to be a little much...

From: ella <>
Subject: Re: Re: 099-Call for Speakerat2ndAnnualSymposiaofBacteriologyandInfection(SBI-2012)
Date: March 18, 2012 10:38:30 PM PDT

Dear Knut,
How are you? Your abstract was re-evaluated again, the abstract is not professional, neither science nor technology. We're so surprising that how a real scientist can write such article. The reviewers doubt the truth of the report; also remind us of the faking author.
So, we hope you CAN provide us the real biography; otherwise, we will stop all the correspondence with you!
Best regards,


发送时间: 2012-03-19  14:05:39
收件人: ella
主题: Re: 099-Call forSpeakerat2ndAnnualSymposiaofBacteriologyandInfection(SBI-2012)

Dear Ella,

I just checked your website and I noticed that my talk has been
removed from the program.

I must say that I am very disappointed about this.  I thought that
Bitlifesciences is a reputable scientific meeting place and I have been
looking forward to visiting Guangzhou and other places in the Middle East.

I am sure that there has been a mistake.  In reality, it does not matter
I believe how good or bad my science is - as long as I am a regular participant
at the conference and pay my way, you would not mind that I show up, right?
At this point, please reinstate my name on the program.  I am extremely humiliated
about this and losing my face in front of all my colleagues is going to be
very difficult to deal with.  This can ruin my career because I was counting
on presenting my latest scientific findings at your conference.  

If there is anything that I can do to help with this and to get me back
into the program, please let me know.

Best wishes,

I guess that this issue has really upset poor Ella.  She is using cuss words in her
reply to me, or perhaps, she tries to give me back some of my own medicine?
But still, brilliant move, Ella!

From: ella <>
Subject: Re: Re: 099-Call forSpeakerat2ndAnnualSymposiaofBacteriologyandInfection(SBI-2012)
Date: March 19, 2012 1:13:53 AM PDT

Dear Kunt,
Sorry, we need to take responsibility for all the speakers and participants of our conference. No "faking" speaker or participant. SBI decided not to accept you as 
the speaker or participant anymore, stop all the correspondence with you, delete all the information. 
We will disregard the absurd biography that you provided.
Best regards,


Still, I needed to clarify:

Subject: Re: 099-Call forSpeakerat2ndAnnualSymposiaofBacteriologyandInfection(SBI-2012)
Date: March 19, 2012 7:26:46 AM PDT
To: ella <>

Dear Ella,

There is no reason for calling me names!  My name is Knut.
I appreciate that finally someone has actually read my abstract and
CV, but I am still puzzled (i.e. I do not understand) what the issues
are with my abstract and CV.  You are conversing with me and I am
a real person.  I would not think that I would fake something just 
to visit your conference - that does not make sense.

Could you please provide details what you think is not
correct with my abstract and I would be more than happy to provide
you with a new version.

Thank you,

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