Dec 8, 2011

 After making it into the program, I need to make sure that my name is being listed on their online program staging page.

发送时间: 2011-12-07  23:51:14
收件人: ella
主题: Re: 099-Call for Speaker at 2nd Annual Symposia ofBacteriologyandInfection (SBI-2012)
Dear Ella,
Thank you very much of the good news.  I am happy to be part of the program, but it seems that my presentation is not yet listed.  Could you please double check - I just don't want that there is an error.
On another note, I am wondering whether it will be possible to rent a car after the conference for some tourist explorations.  I'd love to drive perhaps to Hong Kong and even perhaps down to Malaysia.  I've heard that this is a beautiful area.  Could you recommend some companies that I could contact?
Best wishes,
- Knut

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