Dec 8, 2011

Ok - it is time for the abstract:

Subject: Re: 099-Call for Speaker at 2nd Annual Symposia of Bacteriology andInfection (SBI-2012)
Date: November 23, 2011 3:29:54 AM PST
Dear Ella,
Here is my abstract.  My CV is also attached.
- KB
Abstract for the 2nd annual symposia of bacteriology and infection, Guangzhou, China
Effective eradication of the bit bug by massive response with mocked-up targets
Knut Buttnase
Univ. of Rachel, Rachel, NV
Microorganisms come in many different forms and shapes.  Human pathologies are multifaceted and cause various pathologies.  A less known artifact of bug infections include the stressful, sometimes daily, encounters with the so-called bit bug that enters the system usually during the night hours.  Unfiltered, its effects begin with increased annoyance, particularly after many unsuccessful attempts to remove the host from the candidate list.  Later stages can include suicidal thoughts and phobias against others, clearly a sign of involvement of the central nervous system.  Here, we describe an attempt to retaliate from within using a trojan horse-like response.  Disguising identities by mock up of novel targets and impostures interactions with the host are being discussed as potential forms of therapy.  First results are being presented.  Conclusions:  Since the first published examples of Wendy Willcox’ strategy, zany responses to bit or related bugs have become an effective tool for affected patients to regain sanity.  This simple mock-up strategy appears also affective against novel forms of infective and fast spreading bugs.
My CV was attached as a word file (I used a poorly written CV from someone who recently applied to my lab as a template):
Curriculum Vitae
Knut Buttnase,
Dr fak-ED, extraordinary professor Center for Extraterrestrial Sciences University of Rachel,
Rachel, NV
Education and Professional
1989-1994 Fak-ED doctorate, Lappii University, Lunkkaus, Finland
1995-1998 postdoctoral, State Institution (lun. asyl.), Bumblefac, Missouri
1999-2006 Resident Researcher, BLM, all. mad. eup., BuFu, Iowa
Since 2006 extraordinary Brotfresser, Univ. of Rachel, Rachel, NV
Fak-ED doctorate, Lappii University, Lunkkaus, Finland postdoctoral, State Institution (lun. asyl.), Bumblefac, Missouri Resident Researcher, BLM, all. mad. eup., BuFu, Iowa extraordinary Brotfresser, Univ. of Rachel, Rachel, NV
Mol extrabiol: low gravity PCR, DRT, YFC, and BuFu discovey, Elise (fuer, but cannot play the piano).
Engineering and defying gravity experiences: Acidic OOBE, LSD-based OOBE, and other forms of astral projections, flight license (3rd class with honors), locale 1 and 2 experiences.
Other: empirical interpretations of Occam’s razor, abductee, speaker at various lunatic type conferences.
Computer: Fortran, Space Perl, Frogger (Sega), C- and various touch and imagine- based systems such as
Presentations (selected from nusquam)
2005  Bacteriophage ghost membrane particles in samples from the lunatic keta-3
exploration site, 3rd conf extrat. biol., BuFu, Iowa (podium)
2008 Loss of evidence of bacterial contamination of lunar soil (podium and poster), Zool and Bot conf, Annamamgapoor, India.
2008 Evidence of bacterial contamination in extraterrestrial soil samples, a retrospective study (podium), Lun Heaven state hospital annals. Also: comment in the
J of Arom Therapy, Handbook of Schmu and Bloedsinn (Austrian and Northern Italian edition).
2009 First encounters with the bit bug and its annoying manifestation. Poster, MCIVth ASO and ASI meeting, Rostock Germany.
2010 Attempts for therapy - getting the bit bug out of the system is difficult. Podium, MCVth ASO and ASI meeting, Kaulquappa, Australia
2011 Fake retaliation by disguising identities - what we can learn from Wendy Willcox, Conceptual Gedankenexperiment, unpublished.

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