Dec 15, 2011

Seems they re-arranged the program

Probably the doorman suggested a change in the program.
My broad expertise qualifies me to chair any of these other sessions (they all sound very good).

On Dec 14, 2011, at 12:56 AM, ella wrote:

Dear Knut,

Thank you for you kind reply. We will keep the chair position for you in session 4-3.  We have checked again for your speech title. It may be suitable in

SBI 4-1: New Approaches to Antibacterial Drug Discovery  (speaker Available) 
SBI 2-1: Old vs New Antibacterial Targets of Superbugs      (chair Available)
SBI 2-2: Development of Effective Antibiotics against MRSA, VRE and VRSA (chair Available)
SBI 2-3: New Strategies of Discovering Antibacterial Agents from Natural Products (speaker Available) 
SBI 2-4: Clinical Trials on Novel Antibacterials (speaker Available) 
What about your consideration is? Do you think your speech title will be more suitable for the above sessions? Please free to contact me and I will make some changes.
We sincerely hope that you and your wife can come together. Please tell me when you make the decision.
If possible, could you send the invitation letter to your colleagues or tell me the contacts of them. Thanks again for your efforts.
Please contact me freely when you have any question.
Best regards,

Of course! (Whatever!):

发送时间: 2011-12-14  23:03:38
收件人: ella
主题: Re: 099-Call for Speaker at 2nd AnnualSymposiaofBacteriologyandInfection (SBI-2012)
Dear Ella, 

SBI 2-1 would be suitable.  I think that the trojan horse approach that I describe for the bit bug is a nice fit here.  I will meet some o my colleagues next week and tell them about the conference.

Best wishes and thank you so much,
- Knut

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