Dec 8, 2011

I answered, using a new email address and a fake name, Knut Buttnase (perhaps some German radio listeners remember that name).

发送时间: 2011-11-03  22:09:13
收件人: ella
主题: Re: 099-Call for Speaker at 2nd Annual Symposia of Bacteriology andInfection (SBI-2012)
Dear Ella,
This is so exciting!
I am very interested in this conference.
Thank you for inviting me!
My title could be:  "Effective eradication of the bit bug by massive response with mocked-up targets"
Best regards,
Professor Knut Buttnase
Center for Extraterrestrial Sciences
University of Rachel
Rachel, NV

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  1. Vom Leuchtturmwärter zum Professor... Gerd Leinbach wäre stolz auf ihn!