Dec 8, 2011

Another one... many Nobel prize winners are invited... And this all because I am a heavy hitter in Genome Research? (not really)

From: "Alina Yu"<>
Subject: Confirmation for Session Chair/Speakers on BIT’s 3rd World DNA and Genome Day-2012
Date: November 22, 2011 9:13:52 PM PST

Dear Dr. [my name] ,

BIT Congress is proud to present BIT’s 3rd World DNA and Genome Day (WDD-2012) which will be held during April 25-28, 2012, Xi’anChina. This event is designed for international educational exchange and scientific exchanges in China.
This is an invitation for you to join us in this congress. You can talk about your interests under the Track 6: Human Genomics and Personalized Medicine by submitting your speech title and CV to us. If the suggested thematic session is not your current focused core, you may look through the whole sessions and transfer another one that fit your interest (more details about the program topics are at ).

BIT Congress is a scientific organization dedicated to the promotion of intellectual exchanges and collaborations in technology and science, particularly in Life Sciences, IT, New Energy, Materials Science, Environmental Science, and MarineTech. BIT has organized major international symposia and conferences with participation of leading scientists from around the world for 9 years.
WDD has become accepted as an influential conference for celebrating the revolutionary developments in biological and medical sciences since the discovery of the double helix and setting the stage for the advancement of biology and medicine in the 21st century. The congress has broad public support and has the additional goal of spreading and increasing the understanding of modern biological sciences among the lay public.

For 2012 World DNA & Genome Day, BIT plans to: 
ü  Invite 8-10 Nobel Laureates as plenary lecturers
ü  Invite 20-30 leading scientists of the Human Genome Project
ü  Organize 300 scientific and technological presentations at the leading edge of the life sciences
ü  Schedule 10 DNA-related scientific popularization programs for the public
ü  Integrate 2-3 cultural and art events
    Xi'an enjoys the title of "A Natural Museum of History", it has been the most popular tourist city in China and the World owing to its brilliant historical and cultural relics, and spring is the most pleasant season for a visit. There would also be an opportunity to travel to other Chinese cities and present lectures. You are welcomed to submit papers and abstracts. Besides that, you are also encouraged to organize new session if your current research interests beyond our topics.
We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can join the congress. 

To facilitate us to know your further interest, we appreciate your advices on:
1.     Would you like to join the Scientific Advisory Board?
2.    Focused session and speech titles.
3.    What’s your opinion to be the session chair/moderator?
Below is the detailed info about the program, further info is available at
Sincerely yours,

Ms. Jessica Tong
Organizing Committee of WDD-2012
East Area, F11, Building 1,
Dalian Ascendas IT Park,
1 Hui Xian Yuan,
Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone,
LN 116025, China
Tel: 0086-411-84799609-801
Fax: 0086-411-84799629

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